Small enough to know you by name. Big enough to serve all your cycling needs.

Small enough to know you by name.

Big enough to serve all your cycling needs.


207 Hellam St. (Route 462)
Wrightsville, PA 17368
(717) 252-1509


About the Shop


We ❤️ Bikes

Our aim is to serve you with a smile and to help you have as much fun on your bike as we do. We’re out for more than the bottom line. Our family-oriented and service-first approach is a reflection of our dedication to your satisfaction and an extension of our belief that cycling can be so much more than just a hobby.

Our Team

Marcia Blome - IMG_2374.jpg

Jason Blome

In addition to being an avid musician/educator (trumpet) and maker of delightful (and sometimes lethal) homegrown hot sauces, Jason is an expert mechanic, hand-builder of killer wheelsets and just all-around nice guy. Jason is an undying advocate of all forms of cycling and a true believer of supporting the local community.


Andy Johnson

An avid racer and connoisseur of the beauty of the bicycle, Andy lives and breathes cycling as a lifestyle. If he’s not on the bike commuting to the shop, he’s most likely working hard to dial-in the next rad build or carting his kids around to a local race. Andy’s knowledge, experience and most importantly - passion - are supremely evident from your first encounter.


Jason Yeager

This is a bad man! Jason’s been tuning bikes at the shop since the very beginning and his wrench is plated in gold. In addition to his divine burrito crafting skills, Jason is an expert mechanic and tireless promoter of community cycling events; always trying to bring people together. His adventurous spirit and love of a good time are contagious.


Marcia Blome

Marcia brings a much-needed woman’s touch to everything we do. Her nurturing and family-first personality is evident in all she does around the shop and in the community. She’s continually spreading joy through her bright smile, delicious food and of course, her glorious caffeine concoctions. Seriously, you need to try them.

Brands We Proudly Rep

We choose brands that stand for quality, confidence, reliability and fun. These aren’t just showroom floor brands. You’ll find us, our family members and team racers riding, racing and enjoying everything these bikes are capable of.

As York's oldest Jamis dealer, The Cycle Works is proud to stock Jamis Bikes.

Why buy a Jamis? The reasons are many, but let us name a few that are high on our list. Jamis geometry is magic. Jamis performance bikes are always comfortably aggressive but never twitchy. If you live for single track, Jamis mountian bike geometry is a dream come true. Because Jamis bikes are designed in New Jersey where single track is everywhere, Jamis mountain bikes eat single track for breakfast and come out begging for more.

The bottom line is, at The Cycle Works, we know Jamis bikes. We ride them. We race them. We love them.

Van Dessel bicycles are born of racing, engineered to perform with precision, and built with a degree of durability often overlooked. Our bikes are meant to be ridden hard and raced with panache, but most of all, enjoyed by those who love cycling.

These are thoroughbred racing machines that are as fun to look at as they are to ride. If you’re into railing corners, hopping barriers and ripping downhills, one of these bikes just might be right for you.


Hand-built bikes from Colorado since 1981

These are the real deal. If you’re looking to embark on your dream build or just put together a bike that can literally do it all, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step and leave no detail overlooked.



Our full-service shop is equipped to handle all of your cycling maintenance needs with an expert mechanic staff, professional tooling and a can-do attitude toward any problem you throw our way. If a specific service isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Chances are, we can make it happen!

Labor Prices

Tune-Up ……………………………………… $65

Flat Repair…………………………………… $10

Shift Adjust …………………………………. $10

Brake Adjust ……………………………….. $5

Wheel True …………………………………. $15

15 Minute Walk-In Repairs

Custom Bike Fit
$50 — $375


Coffee and cycling go together like Sonny & Cher.

Which is why we’ve hand-constructed a first-rate coffee shop right on the premises. We are passionate about good coffee and good people. Using the highest quality methods and ingredients available, we offer you the best cup of coffee. Our daily grind extends beyond just coffee, to build community, inspire artistry and care for our world.



(bike shop hours in footer below)

Tuesday: 8 - 3
Wednesday: 8 - 3
Thursday: 8 - 3
Friday: 8 - 3
Saturday: 8 - 3
Sunday: Closed

Marcia Blome - IMG_2389.jpg

Marcia Blome


Come visit our in-house brewmistress and ask her to handcraft your favorite caffeinated beverage — chances are it’ll be one of the finest you’ve tasted.


Coffee Menu

In addition to our standard menu below, visit us for exciting rotating seasonal drink and food offerings.


Events & Happenings

We’re always up to something fun!

Whether it’s community outreach, a cyclocross race or laid back coffee ride, we'd love for you to be a part of it.

The best way to keep up with what’s going on is to visit and like our Facebook page.



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207 Hellam Street (Route 462)
Wrightsville, PA, 17368
(717) 252-1509